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Peles Castle Cultural Tour

Peles Castle Cultural Tour – a royal journey into historical times

Peles Castle Cultural Tour invites you to spend a whole day visiting Peles Castle. It was built in the 19th century and was used as a summer residence for the royal family. After the kingdom ceased to exist after the abdication of King Michael, Peles Castle was confiscated by the communist state. Later after 1990 it was returned to the former King Michael, although the state negotiated the title deed with the former monarch. The castle became the property of the state again, and is now known to be one of the most popular locations in Romania.

Discover all the history of this place through the Peles Castle Cultural Tour

Peles Castle Cultural TourThe story of Peles Castle begins in 1866. According to some sources, it was August when Prince Carol of Hohenzollern (who later became King Carol I) visited the area, and stayed overnight at the Sinaia monastery. The Prince fell in love with the landscape of the area and decided to build a castle in the area. The building has 160 rooms and is one of the most impressive in Europe. The design of Peles Castle was inspired by the Neo-Renaissance architecture of Germany. The Peles Castle Cultural Tour takes you on a journey through the history of the castle. You can choose to come alone or surrounded by family and friends. The tour we propose is a tour that only accepts private groups. Children are also welcome here.

A unique character, a special historical monument

Peles Castle is one of the most important historical monuments in Romania, having a unique character, and due to its historical, artistic and architectural value it is part of the most important European creations of the second half of the 19th century.

There are two other palaces, Pelisor and Foișor, on the castle grounds. The first of these, the larger and better known, is also open to the public, while the Foișor is closed to visitors, being used to house dignitaries.

The Pelișorul is a few metres away from its larger sibling, and was built for Charles I’s son, King Ferdinand I. Built in the Swiss style, with a beautiful stone and wooden façade, it was taken over by Queen Mary, who personally took care of its interior decoration.

The interior of the castle clearly shows the Queen’s attraction to painting and art in general, and art nouveau in particular.

Choose to visit this impressive royal location with the Peles Castle Cultural Tour.

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